This post is going to be long & heavy on photos, but please ENJOY!
A lot of people refer to Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, and yes for 12 hours in my life I did feel like I was in that state, I mean I am pretty happy most of the times, but maybe it was me missing being a child, and the fact that I was there made the feeling even more! NOPE... not going to be dramatic this time I purely want to spread the joy and share you guys my experience in the fabulous Disneyland Hong Kong!

First things first, my latest trip to Hong Kong with my best friends happen to be ONE OF THE BEST TRIPS EVER! EVER!

I think the people you met or were travelling with has always been one of the most important things on your travel series. I mean they’re my best friends, they’re just funny, childish, whory, crazy narcists (we took fuckloads of photos) and they are my laugh motors, even when I was about to get run by a running car happened to be such a funny moment (hashtag highlight)

One week in Hong Kong with them is definitely not enough and I am so coming back to Hong Kong to explore more of their food scene which by the freaking way was uber fabulous! OK now I miss HK even more...

Arrived in Hong Kong around 9 PM local time, initially wanted to grab the city bus to reach Tsim Sha Tsui but was mad tired upon arrival so we decided to just took the fast and more convenient Airport Express MTR (yes they call their “MRT” MTR or “Mass Transit Railway” here) for HKD 100 (IDR 170k). That turned out to be an awesome alternative as it only took us around 45 minutes and the Tsim Tsa Tsui station exit was just like 10 meters away from where my hotel was.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I was stunned by HOW SMALL THE ROOM WAS! It’s probably like 1/3 of typical Jakarta hotel rooms (4 or 5 stars), and honestly, my own bedroom. The one in Macau was definitely way bigger (more on that later). I realized I forgot to take any shots of the Hong Kong hotel, but if you happen to follow me on Snapchat, I snapchatted that before so I guess I am even. THAT’S WHY YOU GOTTA FOLLOW MY SNAPCHAT!

So freaking tired on the first day and we only had a quick McDonald’s dinner located just 3 minutes away from our hotel, then returned to doze off!

So many of you recommended this to me so I think it would be nice to have a good breakfast at Australia Dairy Company to celebrate my first morning in Hong Kong! Australia Dairy Company is located around the Jordan area, and Jordan station is just one station away from Tsim Sha Tsui so it’s VERY close to where I stayed at. It opens at 7:30 AM daily, but the queue, even at 7 was pretty insane, but rest assure as most Hong Kong people are eating machine, I have never seen anyone eating that fast and they seem so busy all the time. Indonesians are definitely way more laid back and chill. I remember seeing this couple sitting in front of me, and we were seated in the same time, while I just finished taking pictures of the first breakfast set, they were fucking gone with the wind, I wonder if they even chew the goddamn food my God.
We had two of their famous breakfast sets (each HKD 38) and share it together, again, just how fast Hong Kong people were, I think it was just like three minutes after we finished ordering and one complete set delivered to our table. Throughout my experience dining in Hong Kong, it’s almost embarassing for you to eat slow and hang out, it’s all about pace, people queue non-stop and might stare at you with the subtext “hurry up bitch”, especially at the famous eateries, unless you’re in a cafe or a coffee shop, don’t even bother sitting too long or expect to get rushed off (literally).
The breakfast anyway was so nice! It might look extremely simple and nothing special, but the scrambled egg was clearly one of the best I’ve EVER had and the steamed milk dessert (even though I prefer Yee Shun’s better) was sweet and nice without having that over-milky flavor that I didn’t like from milk.
Proceed to Disneyland Hong Kong with MTR ride. Disneyland Hong Kong is located at Lantau Island, a small island located just outside Hong Kong. It was a 45 train ride and an easy one (OMG gotta love HK MTR).

So depart from Jordan Station (Tsuen Wan line) and take 8 stops to Lai King station, and from Lai King station, change to Tung Chung line and take another 2 stops to Sunny Bay Station, and from the Sunny Bay station, interchange to the cute Disneyland train and it will take you to the Disneyland Resort MRT station. That simple.

Not often that I ride a train this cute. The train handles and windows are made in the shape of Mickey’s head!
Disneyland Hong Kong opens at 10 AM daily, went there on a weekday but as expected, the crowd was quite crazy and people have already camping sitting around the entrance gate. We were totally chill (and probably the chillest among the HK travel) so instead of rushing in, we spent some time taking photos here and there near the main gates... such tourists.

Ticket shot! We purchased the Disneyland ticket from the hotel that I stayed at for a cheaper price, we spent around HKD 465 for a single ticket, HKD 20 cheaper than the on the spot purchase, plus it can be your own personal souvenir too!
 Mandatory shot of the entrance sign!

 These girls jump all the freaking time!
 The Q. BTW it was humid but not very-very hot.
 The first thing you’re going to see once they let the gate open is this ginormous Mickey icon shaped from various flowers. Picture time.
Disneyland Hong Kong is divided into 7 main areas: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Mainstreet USA, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land.
Not far from the main entrance gate, you can take pictures and enjoy this beautiful little Disney park featuring Disney’s most beloved icons, I have pictures from the night time but I am going to put them on the second part of my Disneyland series.
Pluto! I wish he exists in real life, but I love my Ken enough lol
 The iconic Cinderella castle taken from somewhere around where no photobugs are around and btw it looked pretty in pink

Oh I almost forget to tell you. NO SELFIE STICK IS ALLOWED HERE for safety reasons, unless you’re good at hiding it you can tho.

The whole town like area reminds me of the USA Midwest country side from the classic and vintage building designs to the retro fonts printed on the signage board. For a moment I did feel like I was in a beautifully designed retro space with great attention to design and color details. If one day I am rich enough I would want my house complex to look like this! Amen to that first.
What I love about walking around here is that wherever I go, happy and cheerful music is everywhere to lead my steps.
 Bay Max!
When you’re at the Main Street area, go try the Mickey waffle, it might be a little pricey for a piece of waffle paired with maple syrup and chocolate sauce, but hey while you’re here...and it tasted pretty decent too, uber fragrant and fluffy <3.
The Toy Story area was one of my favorites in the Disneyland Hong Kong, it had this interesting pop of colors, oversized characters & stationeries and most importantly, THE MOST ADDICTING ride, yes if you’re looking for something to remind you of Dufan’s Kora-Kora, this is the shit! It’s totally contrary to the pop and childish design.
Honestly, most of the playgrounds here in Disneyland belongs to kids, and those adrenaline boosters are not much here, so RC Racer is basically it’s like a giant motor swing, a high speed U shape coaster. It’s probably the most intriguing ride you can find in the entire Disneyland Hong Kong and DO SIT IN THE FRONT ROW. Effin Ricky didn’t want to join because he’s a scaredy little cat LOL.

It started pretty slow and steady, and soon getting faster and faster, the most horrifying moment has got to be when the ride reaches a nearly vertical position that you wonder if it’s going to fall off the rail, and not to mention, the spontaneous transition really made me feel like peeing!!!
If you fancy something less scary, go for the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop located just across the RC Racer. The ride will slowly take you up and down back and forth.

The Mystic Manor is this gorgeous mansion, almost a medieval one mixed with modern, pop and Amethyst vibe to it, and reminds me a lot about Haunted Mansion. Mostly covered in dark purple color, beautifully design and made perfect for photo backgrounds. Inside you’ll enjoy the moving tour of Mystic Manor, I don’t give spoilers here as I really want you to experience everything, but I must say the inside is pretty dope featuring animated characters and good sound effects!
Here’s my friend, Ricky, who looks constipated all the time.
 My picture was blurry, can’t trust the help these days.
Moving on to another favorite on mine! GRIZZLY GULCH!
The area features one main ride here: Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. So we successfully tricked Ricky to join the ride and he really wasn’t aware that this was going to be another semi-rollercoaster ride! I recorded a full video just to capture Ricky’s uber funny reaction. HE WAS SCREAMING ALL THE FUCKING TIME it’s seriously funny, sorry Ricky but that was super entertaining for us.
...and after the ride Ricky felt really dizzy and proceed straight to the restroom. Cmon it wasn’t even scary dude.
 Ok after three rides involving quite an adrenaline rush, it’s time to fuel up and EAT!
We randomly entered this food court like place (I think it was Royal Banquet or something) to have our lunch here. One station caught my attention as it had more people than the others. It was a ramen counter and assuming there must be something with the queue, we all had the same thing for lunch, expect different sides. The set wasn’t cheap, it cost around $20 for the whole thing.

This was HONESTLY one of the tastiest deep fried chicken wings I’ve had ever. SO SO GOOD. 

Simple shoyu ramen with chasiu and boiled egg. Portion was big and the flavor was not bad.

I swear his face can’t chill I’m getting mad while editing the picture!
 Stefanie and Caca camwhoring with my cam
Charged up and ready for another fun ride. SPACE MOUNTAIN IS A FUCKING MUST!!! It’s an indoor ride featuring super fast coaster and you’re going to be riding in the dark the whole time, I was only scared that my head would hit things, but that shouldn’t happened as it’s designed to cater maximum safety!
 Dwarfs in eggs!
We strolled the area and found this cute wishing well where people throw in some coins for good luck, doesn’t necessarily something you need to believe, just have fun here.
 Dwarfs statues!
 Souvenir shopping is fun here! However the price tag wasn’t.
I have more photos from my point and shoot RX100 III that I used for vlogging as well, but I am just too lazy to transfer and edit everything so when I am diligent enough I will totally update this post, the second post will totally include the pics from the other cam!

You ain’t see nothing yet, more coming on the second part. Disneyland looks totally different during the night, and of course that very one reason people stay until night in Disneyland Hong Kong: the parade & fireworks!
...my blog XD
part two coming soon! Thanks for reading kaythxbye!